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hey, im new. - Fleshy Robots

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February 4th, 2008

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02:24 pm - hey, im new.
Rikki Robot


do you have two gears and a
shaft or do you have a tube?

preferred teleporting device:
instantaneous teleporting device, although i dont think we have those yet. (fuck i wish we did)

favorite comedians:
Every robot's father, son, and holy ghost: Jim Gaffigan, Dave Chappelle, and Bender

favorite musical instrument (we love cowbells and handclaps...):
laser vision. the *peew peew* sound reminds me of ladytron.

favorite mammal:
my boyfriend.

favorite food (ex.: tinfoil):
edible metal balls. you can buy them at fancy baking stores. i usually keep a bowl of them in the living room and chew on them when i have guests over. it weirds them out 9 times out of 10.

least favortie noise (ex: little girls singing):
drunken humans laughing and stomping up and down the stairs outside of my apartment at 4 am. Come the day of the robot uprising, they're first on my list.

largest amount of gasoline guzzled:
being a member of the church of bender, i believe it is necessary to constantly smoke, drink, and guzzle gasoline in order to live. i guess if i do the math, if i drink two gallons of gas a day, and i turn 20 in nine days,
[(20 years x 365 days)-9 days]x2 gallons =14582 gallons. ha!

and, finally, profess your undying love for robots(pictures are cool):
anything from my webcomic, rikki robot comics.
heres an example:

for more, just go to my lilvejournal.
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